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Wild About Wellbeing // Sustainability

At Wild About Wellbeing, we are committed to zero waste, self-sufficiency and affordable produce. By growing together, we learn how to reduce our ecological footprint and that’s good for everyone.

taking care of the world

We take care of our world every day:

  • Closed loop sustainable farming
  • Composting with waste – a closed circuit system where even the worms eat well
  • Water harvesting, drip irrigation and grey water recycling through our reed bed treatment.
  • Bio-fuel for tractor
  • Onsite seed propagation
  • Composting of all food scraps, utilising green manure practices and bio fertilisation
  • Sensitive, sensible land management practices
  • Solar and energy efficient
  • Chemical- free (no herbicides and pesticides)
  • Biodegradable packaging


At Wild About Wellbeing, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and replenish and it shows.  We let nature tell us what is needed and avoid the use of chemicals, hormones, growth enhancers or GMO plants. Produce is left to develop its full flavour naturally and there’s no such thing as ugly fruit!

We’re proud of our passion for fresh produce, sustainable farming and teaching a whole new generation of families to live well and embrace nutritious, healthy, homegrown food. Wild About Wellbeing is an environmentally friendly world where everyone can feel great.